Smashing Stereotypes: The profiles

Explore over 40 stories celebrating the diverse people and careers in science and engineering

Celebrating the diverse people and careers in science and engineering!

While there are well-documented challenges with diversity in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM), the people and roles that make up this varied sector are more diverse than the all-too-well-known societal stereotype of lab coats, goggles, and conical flask might suggest.

Smashing Stereotypes consists of a collection of stories from individuals and teams that ​we hope will spark a change in perceptions of people and careers in STEM. Let’s delve into the profiles…

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Our series of short films showcase a selection of our Smashing Stereotypes profiles and their stories – revealing why they’ve chosen a career in STEM, how they’ve followed their passions, and the stereotypes they’ve ‘smashed’ along the way…


Pioneering the future of fitness

Pearce Jarrett, Machine Learning Engineer, founder and CEO, Gwaan

Connecting the worlds of science and art

Natalie Kerres, Design Engineer, founder and CEO, SCALED

Forging your own path into a science career

Harshnira Patani, Senior Scientist in Drug Discovery, MSD


Where economics meets healthcare

Viola Ntim, Health Economist, MSD


Turning a passion for video gaming into a career

Seyed Nasrollahi, Video game developer, founder, UnifiQ Games


Connecting with others is the secret to success

Mai Nguyen, Supply Chain Project Lead, 3M


Proving it’s never too late to pursue your dream career in science

Kuldip Sembhi, Strategic Programme Lead, MSD


An unconventional route into finding a dream STEM career

Donna Gowland, Continuous Improvement Manager, 3M

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