Smashing Stereotypes: Get involved

Share how you or your team are #SmashingSterotypes with the help of these handy resources.

We need your help to showcase the diverse and inspiring teams and individuals in STEM. Share how you or your team are #SmashingSterotypes on social media by posting a photo, video, or simply telling us. We’ll highlight as many as we possibly can!

How to get involved

The Smashing Stereotypes campaign features a collection of over 40 profiles challenging long-standing stereotypes and encouraging more young people, from all backgrounds, to see themselves as scientists. But there are plenty more stories out there, and we’d love to share them. 

Do you work in science but in a non-traditional way? Perhaps as a personal trainer, urban grower, or cosmetic product developer– the list is endless, really. Scientists can wear lab coats and work with test tubes but they can also sit in front of a laptop in their pyjamas. We’re a mixed bunch and we want people to see that. Tell us your job title, and how you’re #SmashingStereotypes by using the official hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn. We want to share as many different examples of scientists and their careers as possible!

Smashing Stereotypes has landed on social media!

To help bring your stories to life, we’ve created a digital toolkit with information on the Smashing Stereotypes campaign including the different ways to get involved, links to all the downloadable assets, and sample social media posts for individuals and organisations.

Check out the digital toolkit by clicking on this link

For ease, here are some of the images and GIFs included in the toolkit which can be used to be share across your social media. They read “Celebrating the diverse people and careers in science and engineering #SmashingStereotypes @ScienceWeekUK”.

You can download these in a few easy clicks following this link.

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