Smashing Stereotypes

Celebrating the diverse people and careers in science & engineering!

What do you imagine when you’re asked what a scientist looks like? Are you picturing lab coats, goggles, and conical flasks? How about the person? Are they a White man with grey hair, who resembles Albert Einstein?

If that’s who you pictured – you aren’t alone. But it’s something that we want to change.

Smashing Stereotypes‘ is a collection of over 30 stories from individuals and teams that challenge long-standing stereotypes, with the aim of encouraging more young people, from all backgrounds, to see themselves as scientists.

With profiles of chefs, product designers, and fitness professionals, ‘Smashing Stereotypes‘ showcases how science is for everyone: whatever your interests, background, or career path.

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Check out the Smashing Stereotypes films

Our series of short films showcase a selection of our Smashing Stereotypes profiles and their stories – revealing why they’ve chosen a career in STEM, how they’ve followed their passions, and the stereotypes they’ve ‘smashed’ along the way…


Pioneering the future of fitness

Pearce Jarrett, Machine Learning Engineer, Founder & CEO, Gwaan


Forging your own path into a science career

Harshnira Patani, Senior Scientist in Drug Discovery, MSD


An unconventional route into finding a dream STEM career

Donna Gowland, Continuous Improvement Manager, 3M