Interview with senior poster competition winner!


The British Science Week 2022 poster competition is a wrap, we have our winners!

As we get so many brilliant posters on a diverse range of subjects, we’re fascinated by how the children and young people behind them come up with their ideas. So, this year we have interviewed Aesia from Jameah Girls Academy in Leicester, the winner of the senior category, about how she came up with her idea and how she researched her wonderfully detailed poster!

What inspired you to create a poster about the atomic model?

I remember one of the first chemistry lessons at school where we learnt about the history of the atomic model. I had really enjoyed learning about it, especially the Golden Foil experiment. My teacher decided to teach this lesson using superheroes, and she had worn a cap to fit the theme. Each table had a superhero and we had to fill in our information sheet. After that, we had to present in class as a group of four which I really enjoyed.

How do you think it fits into the theme of growth?

Well, the atomic theory has evolved over time, developing, or you might say growing, from the findings and experiments done before them. So I think that the evolution of the atomic model does fit into the theme of ‘growth’.

Did you gain new skills while creating the poster such as research ability or creative skills?

I did learn it is possible to research using books and not only the internet. Also, my teacher guided me not to use certain websites as they are not very reliable in terms of information.

How did you research the information for your poster?

I mostly got my information from class notes which explain the history of the atom, but I also went on the internet for things I wasn’t so sure of.

Does remembering the achievements of scientists from history inspire you to be a scientist in the future?

Yes – I was amazed at how all of these scientists discovered such things through their hard work and perseverance. Their achievements make me realise that anyone – with hard work and dedication – are able to discover mind blowing things about the world we live in. It makes me want to be a scientist so that I may be able to – like them – discover something amazing in the future.

What was the most interesting thing you learnt through researching your poster?

The most interesting thing I learnt is that if atoms were in a cloud around the electrons, it would cause the atom to collapse, thus they are on orbit shells surrounding the nucleus.

What is your favourite subject?

Biology. I particularly enjoy learning about living organisms and their vital processes, especially respiration and photosynthesis. Recently, I learnt about mitosis and stem cells which has sparked passion of becoming future scientist.

The British Science Week poster competition will be back in 2023, and the theme will be ‘Connections’! No time like the present to get your thinking caps on, who knows who next year’s winners will be?

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