Help scientists identify bat calls as part of British Science Week


For British Science Week 2016 we are partnering with the Zooniverse project, Bat Detective, an audio-visual citizen science project that asks people to identify bat calls. Help us listen to the sonograms and pick out different calls!

Bat Detective is a partnership between University College London, Zoological Society of London, The Bat Conservation Trust, BatLife Europe and University of Auckland.
First launched in 2012, nearly 4,000 volunteers have explored almost 100,000 audio snapshots, and more than 11,000 bat calls have been discovered. The team have been able to use this data to develop algorithms that can automatically search for and detect bat calls in audio recordings with a very good success rate.

While the team are a step closer to developing automated software for accurately detecting and identifying species from the recorded bat calls, they need your help to classify more data to make this software even better. The more calls identified by you, the more calls can be identified by the software!

During British Science Week, we are aiming to complete a further 100,000 classifications for the Bat Detective team!

Get batty for British Science Week!

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