Citizen science

Watch this space for more information on our new citizen science project!

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We are currently working on our 2021 citizen science project and will have more information for you in due course!

2020: Spotting Spider Monkeys

Our Zooniverse citizen science project for 2020 was Spotting Spider Monkeys.

Last year’s chosen citizen science project encouraged members of the public to tag footage of endangered and vulnerable spider monkeys in Central America, which has been captured using drone-mounted thermal-infrared cameras.

Animals are going extinct at a rate not seen since the disappearance of the dinosaurs. To help save endangered animals we need to monitor and understand ecosystems very well, and catch poachers before they do any harm. Drones allow us to survey large and difficult to reach areas quickly with minimal disturbance to wildlife.

Do you want to help save endangered animals using drones? Of course you do!

We teamed up with researchers at Liverpool John Moores University to bring you a brand new set of imagery taken by drones that need classifying to help us tackle this issue. 

What do spider monkeys look like?

Spider Monkeys in Tulúm Mexico (Photo credit – Luis Palomino)