British Science Week 2022 Kick Start Grants case studies and tips for application

Find inspiration for your Science Week activities here!

Planning events and activities to run during British Science Week with Kick Start Grants funding is exciting, but sometimes a little inspiration helps! At our recent Underrepresented Audiences Teacher Network Conference, staff from different schools spoke about their experiences of using Kick Start Grants, from step-by-step guides to how to plan and execute events, to advice on involving the community and taking trips local science hotspots.

Whether you’ve had a grant before or this is your first time applying, these example activities offer new perspectives on how best to engage your audience and ensure British Science Week has a long-lasting, positive impact. You can also view 2021 example activities, to read more stories on how primary and secondary schools around the UK have used the funding.

Wilberforce Sixth Form College

Regent High School

Cressex Community School

Tips and advice for applying

One of our Education Officers, Dan Robbins, also spoke about the best way to go about applying for a Kick Start Grant. Check out a compilation of clips below on the types of events we prioritise giving funding, top tips for making your application stand out, and an example of a successful application.

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