Seven top tips for celebrating British Science Week 2024!


1. Get volunteers from the community involved

Send a message around to parents and carers to find out if they work in STEM, and would be keen to share their experiences as part of British Science Week. This is a great opportunity to showcase to pupils and students how broad STEM careers can be. Remember, not all activities have to be on the theme of ‘Time’, the Week is about celebrating science your way!


2. Download our activity packs

Our free packs are for children and young people of all ages, and community groups! There are activities that let you get hands-on with the theme of Time, such as ‘Water clock’ and ‘Make a time chamber’, and activities all about the future, like ‘Design a farm of the future’ and ‘Sustainable transport futures design challenge’.





3. Smash stereotypes

Follow our Smashing Stereotypes campaign… We’re profiling STEM professionals from all around the UK who break the mould, either by coming from a background that is underrepresented in STEM, or by thinking outside the box and demonstrating just how broad STEM careers can be ! From machine learning engineer to exotic pets vet. The profiles are a perfect resource for giving children, young people and adults scientists to look up to.




4. Attend – or even organise – an event

Throughout British Science Week, there will be fantastic events happening all round the UK, for different age groups on a huge range of topics. Visit and see what’s going on in your local area during the Week . If you organise your own event, check out our how to guide here.






5. Find inspiring resources from our CREST Awards

Alongside our activity packs, CREST Awards are a great source of ideas for science activities and experiments for children and young people to do during British Science Week! CREST caters for children aged 5-19, and there is a vast library of projects available on almost every subject you can think of.





6. Show, tell and do

A great way for young people and adults to feel engaged with,  and empowered  by, STEM is to be the expert on a topic, sharing their knowledge with others. So, whether you’re celebrating in a school, community group or at home, why not encourage those participating to demonstrate an experiment or phenomenon they know all about to their peers!





7. Get creative with our poster competition

Our poster competition is back for British Science Week 2024! The competition, open to children and young people up to 14-years-old, is a fantastic way of letting your students explore a STEM topic they’re passionate about. Encourage them to use their imagination to produce a poster on the ‘Time’ theme, exercising their creativity which is a huge part of science. The winners of each age category wins some fabulous science-themed prizes!