Our partnership with Guinness World Records


The British Science Association is delighted to be partnering with Guinness World Records this year to celebrate the publication of their brand new book, Science & Stuff.

Introduced by BSA Honorary Fellow, presenter, author and comedian Robin Ince, Science & Stuff is packed with spectacular superlatives, shocking stats, fantastic facts and fun figures. The book aims to celebrate the simple joy of finding things out. As well as facts and stats, GWR’s resident professor, Burnaby Q. Orbax, and his assistant Sweet Pepper Klopek challenge readers to attempt record-breaking science experiments at home – from the fasted Mentos & Soda rocket car to the most slime thrown and caught in a minute!

Our partnership will include a Science & Stuff activity in our Primary Activity Pack, offers and give-aways for schools who pledge an event on the site, and our very own British Science Week world record attempt… Watch this space for more details on how you can get involved.