Organisers’ concise timeline

Need help getting started? Check out our recommended timeline!

We’ve put together a timeline to help you get organised and ready for British Science Week 2021!

A long time before (September and October)

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Browse the British Science Week FAQs

Decide roughly what kind of event you’d like to run

Decide how you’re going to pay for your activities

Book speakers

Sometime before (November and December)

Get some activity ideas

A short time before (January and February)

Finalise your plans

  • Decide on your event’s final budget, format, content, venue and timing
  • Find and recruit volunteers to help with your event on Science Live
  • Allocate roles to the people who you need to help organise and deliver the event

Publicise your event/activity

Promote your event

  • If you need help with your event, you can find speakers, volunteers and advisors on Science Live. Science Live is the British Science Association’s event platform that enables people – whether as organisers, speakers, volunteers, or attendees – to connect with one another.
  • Once the event is ready, you can promote it for free on Science Live’s event listing and map. This will help it gain visibility and attract interested people in the community!

You may decide to use different timings than the ones here, and some suggestions will not be relevant to everyone. Regardless, we hope you have a wonderful British Science Week.

Best of luck!