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Applications for British Science Week 2022 grants are now open.

Apply now for a British Science Week 2022 grant!

Thanks to the support of UK Research and Innovation, we offer two grant schemes to support British Science Week events and activities: one for schools and one for community groups.

Kick Start Grants

This scheme offers grants for schools in challenging circumstances to enable them to organise their own events as part of British Science Week. There are four options available:

  • Kick Start Grant: A grant of £300 for your school to run an activity during British Science Week.
  • Kick Start Youth Grant: A grant of £150 for students aged 10-19 at your school to organise and deliver an activity during British Science Week.
  • Kick Start More Grant: A grant of £700 for your school to host a science event or activity that involves your students and the local community.
  • Kick Start Grant + Youth Grant: A combined grant of £450 for your school to run an activity during British Science and an additional activity organised and delivered by students aged 10-19.

Community Grants

This scheme offers grants of £500 and £1000 for community groups working directly with audiences that are traditionally underrepresented and not engaged in science activity. These audiences include:

  • people from ethnic minorities
  • people with low socio-economic status, including people disadvantaged in terms of education and income
  • people with a physical or mental condition or impairment
  • people living in a remote and rural location, defined as settlements of less than 10,000 people
  • girls and women.