Demo Day

Get set for Demo Day 2016

Demo Day is an annual campaign during British Science Week that aims to inspire secondary school teachers and technicians to explore new concepts, provoke discussions and generate excitement through running science demonstrations. It has run successfully for the last two years in hundreds of schools across the UK.

For British Science Week 2016, Demo Day falls on Thursday 17 March!

Demo Day has run successfully for the last two years in hundreds of schools across the UK.  In 2016, we want to encourage even more schools to get involved – both those who run in-class demos often, or who have taken part in Demo Day before, and those schools who are less familiar with demonstrations.  There are plenty of resources available (see below) to give teachers and technicians ideas, inspiration and confidence to run demos with students.

Pledge to run a demo

Once again, we will be asking teachers and technicians who are planning to run a demonstration on Demo Day, to pledge via our website.  Your pledge will be added to our interactive map which will display all the pledges from participating schools across the UK.

Pledging will open soon.  Watch this space for more information…

Demo Day Resources

For Demo Day 2015, a new downloadable resource, Demo insights, has been produced. This new resource is full of ideas and demo insights for teachers including tips, stories and thoughts from professional science communicators, ranging from presenters, writers and lecturers to magicians and filmmakers.

Download Demo insights here.

For Demo Day 2014 we released Demo: The Movie, a 30-minute film which follows science teacher Alom Shaha as he goes on a journey to explore the use of demonstrations in science teaching. We also released demo videos and written guides of six teacher and technician demonstration favourites.

The movie and demonstration videos and guides are available at the National STEM Centre eLibrary collection.

Additional online videos and resources for great practical demonstration ideas

Practical Biology, a partnership between the Society of BIology and the Nuffield Foundation.  A collection of experiments that demonstrate a wide range of biological concepts and processes, with experiments placed within real-life contexts.

Practical Physics, a partnership between the Institute of Physics and the Nuffield Foundation. Practical activities designed for use in the classroom with 11- to 19-year-olds.

Practical Chemistry, a partnership between the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Nuffield Foundation. A collection of experiments that demonstrate a wide range of chemical concepts and processes.

Learn Chemistry, Royal Society of Chemistry. Chemistry resources for demonstrations.

Ri Channel, Royal Institution of Great Britain. Re-digitised footage from the Ri archive and a range of high-quality videos from filmmakers and scientific institutions.

Physics Education, Institute of Physics. Physics video and audio resources for those in education.

Teachers TV, TES. Video content categorised by school level and subject, including practical tips, lesson ideas and lesson starters.

At-Bristol YouTube channel, At-Bristol Science Centre. Behind-the-scenes looks at exhibits and experiments that bring science to life.

ScienceLink, Association for Science Education. Index of useful sites with resources (not necessarily videos) for science teaching, organised by subject.

CLEAPSS  Advisory service providing support in science and technology with a wide range of practical guidance documents and ideas.

ATSE article  Freely available article from the Association of Tutors in Science Education (ATSE) with links to 28 possible demonstrations.

Getting Practical  Brings together quality practical science resources from a wide range of expertise and experience from the consortium partners involved in this collaboration.

Science Museum  Tips, tools and demos from the Science Museum.

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