Demo Day Resources

Looking for a quick and exciting demo? Check out our super, simple demo ideas

Demo Day is open to all, whatever their experience.  We’ve found a range of quick and simple demo ideas to make sure everyone can make the most of their demonstration, for both the primary and secondary level.


The STEM resources library is full of suggestions.

Check out our Demo Day pinterest board which contains loads of simple and exciting demo ideas.

ExpeRimental, and Tales from the Prep Room, are both series of videos from the Ri.


Feeling a bit under the weather? Make a 2 ingredient storm with tornado in a bottle or a snow storm in a jar.

Harness the power of electricity to bring a coke can to life or make your own electromagnet.

The STEM resources library if full of suggestions.

Demo videos and written guides of six teacher and technician demonstration favourites are available at the National STEM Centre eLibrary collection

The Royal Society of Chemistry has a terrific online library of resources to explore that will help your Demo Day go with a bang!